She turned 8!!!

She turned 8!!!

Get ready for a bunch of photos of a future leader, fitness coach, veterinarian, beautician, spunky money…you name it!

It’ll come at no surprise; she’s been on the move since 8 months old, #running, and there’s no stopping her energy or creativity!

She’s my WHY!

Enjoy some 8 years of cuteness;)

She’s been know to jump in and start coaching a Bootcamp session or two!

“Get to work”, “Keep Going”.

She can bust out 20 “legit” push ups and even a couple pull ups.

We certainly do not force her to be active or challenge herself …. nature is stronger that nurture sometimes;) But we do let her TRY. #empower



She has embraced our mindset of Fit. Fab. Fearless. and takes pride in giving her best.

She (both my girls) will sometimes even introduce themselves as “Summer’s Fitness owners” lol 😉

They love and want to share our mission too! #legacy

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, uncle, aunt, neighbor – you have the opportunity to empower and set an example for our young people.

YOU are their hero!

Be YOUR OWN Hero, first!

If you find your superhero powers have been dampened and could use a reboot, to UNCOVER and DISCOVER the Superhero hiding inside of you!

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I’ve hope you’ve enjoyed a little celebrating of my first born and one of the driving factors behind the Summer’s Fitness mission!

Be careful what you do because you never know who’s watching;)

Have a great day! Happy 8th Birthday Lennox!!



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Don’t wait for someone to come to your rescue…. YOU are your own hero.

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I couldn't do it......

I couldn’t do it……

This photo was taken 8 Years ago, 2 weeks before I gave birth to my first daughter, the first week of November in 2011.

“Breastfeeding is super important, and if you can and want to, you should do it. But your mental health is far more important.”

Yes! I wish I was more informed after my first child.

I was the oldest of 6 children, who my mom breast fed all of us, including twins.

She passed away in 2006 and I had my first child in 2011. I “thought” breastfeeding was my only option and everyone could do it. She did with all of us, so why would I think differently?

I went to all the birthing and lactation classes. I did everything by the book.
In the hospital they told me I needed to give my baby formula. They had me use a mini catheter with formula, while I latched, and had my child on a wallaby blanket. Then I had to pump for 20 minutes, 8 times a day. Plus wash everything every time.

I’m an “A student”, so I did it.

I never made milk. I DID THIS FOR 5 WEEKS. (Only 1 week of wallaby blanket.) And then had to Add in bottle feeding, after latching, and still pumping after each feeding. Oh and being a business owner.

Drink more water I was told.
I drank almost a gallon daily, and even during pregnancy. If you know me, you know that is true.

It was a good day if I could collect 2oz. I remember, my husband, Jeremie and I actually cheering when I collected 2oz. of breast milk by the end of one day, pumping 8 times. By now, I could have been able to produce 4oz, at each feeding.

5 weeks postpartum, I ended up in the hospital for 7 days – in the psychiatric unit.

I had lost all my “baby weight”, and I was a mess. I thought I was going to die.

During the 5 Weeks postpartum , I consulted & reached our for help with a Lacation consultant, my OBGYNs, family doctor, and even a trip to Stat care. Yes, I attended the baby check in visits with the pediatrician, too. All that before finally going to the ER.

I’m not blaming them, but looking at it now – why did they encourage me to continue doing that?!

⁉️ Why isn’t there better care & options for women postpartum?

After the birth of my 2nd daughter, I did things MUCH different. I hired help at home and set more boundaries with people.

Yes, Ive been on a long recovery from my postpartum anxiety depression experience. I started crying in labor and never stopped.

I was crying in the hospital with Baby 1 and sent home with a 4 day old newborn.

With Baby 1 , I was hosting Thanksgiving at 3 Weeks and entertaining family…. cooking, cleaning, tending to baby, and running a business.

The things you think you know; until you live them.

I vowed I wouldn’t be silent, but I don’t think I really shared my “breastfeeding” story. <=

I hope this helps someone else.

Not everyone can breast feed, even if they want to and try everything. You are not a failure. It is okay.

Yes, Please share. I never want anyone else to ever go through that or worse. I’m so glad to see organizations like

Alexis Joy D’Achille Foundation for Postpartum Depression, The Postpartum Stress Center, and 2020 Mom breaking the stigma & silence!

At Summer’s Fitness, we collected diapers for the Stark County Diaper Bank, during the month of October.

Did you know WIC and Food Stamps Do Not cover diapers for moms who need assistance?

This causes diapers to be re-used and children become more prone to infections and abuse.

Thank you for those who joined us in supporting the Stark County Diaper Bank for October Diaper Drive!

Instead of purchasing Halloween candy, those who donated purchased diapers for a mom & baby in need!

Or – even if you, or a mom you know, has open diapers that have not been used – donate them!

Thank you for your support!

Being a mom is hard enough; can you imagine not having support or access to diapers? 


P.S. This photo was taken 1 Week after I arrived home from the hospital/psychiatric unit.

Link to orig. article –

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Do you weigh your worth by the number on the scale?

Do you weigh your worth by the number on the scale?

So many women weigh their worth by the number on the scale.

I weigh 50 pounds different in these 2 photos. Yes, 50.

I’m not sharing for your opinion on which look is better or for seeking approval.

I want you to look at “weight” from a different perspective.

Yes, we need to be in a “healthy weight range” for optimal function and reduce our risk of disease.


And here’s the thing with most people, especially women…. When we get to “that number” we are still NOT Satisfied.

It’s not good enough. We need to lose more or lift our butt here and we continue to pick ourselves apart.

How about what your body CAN DO for you?

I was super ripped and strong, as a Pro Fitness athlete, but that body couldn’t bear children and was on its way to osteoporosis and hormonal damage. In fact, I’m sure it is affecting my hormones today.

That body today; it gave me 2 beautiful children, helps others achieve their best, feels pretty good (despite some back pain from that former body), and it’s HAPPIER.


I know. Does the change in looks mess with my head sometimes, absolutely.

We are ALL a work in progress constantly trying to improve ourselves. We should. We need to evolve and challenge ourselves. You grow or you die.

But you will also die inside if you never stop to appreciate where you are NOW.

Understand that maintenance is also a gift.  

Plateauing in life and even hitting a low point is WHEN the biggest breakthroughs occur.

So stop beating yourself up.  

Keep moving or maintaining.  

Keep learning to love yourself for WHO you are and that means taking care of your Mind, Body, & Spirit.

 * There is no perfect weight, age, calories, exercise, diet, etc.

You are at the perfect place when YOU decide you are happy & healthy – only YOU know how that FEELS and there is no numerical measure to prove it!



PS- Every aspect of your journey is perfect because it’s what you NEED to learn & grow.

By no means am I saying eat junk food and sit on the couch. <= That’s not honoring your body & mind.

Stop & Smell the Rose and Celebrate even the Smallest Successes. You deserve it. You are worth it! That’s how you keep your momentum going

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I share Daily Motivation, Recipes, Workouts, Tips, and more! Plus a special event this Sunday. Click the FB group link above to request to join. 🙂

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My Thanksgiving was Ruined

My Thanksgiving was Ruined

So if you’ve been reading my emails & blog regularly this week, you know there is still more to the story. I left you “hanging” right?

I showed you my 6 pack in the first part of the story: HERE

I included some photos from a photo shoot I did 11 years ago and told you about the goals I WANTED to achieve back then.

I also shared with you in a 2nd article, how 11 years this past weekend, I almost gave up on my goals and I almost QUIT. You can read about it here >>>

So now that you are caught up, you want to know about that man and his wife, who approached me after I stepped off the stage and WON the 2004 Fitness Nationals, 11 year ago.

If you remember, I also told you one of my goals was to “be in the magazines”.

Well from what I had been told, it can be really hard to get into the magazine. You have to live in NY or LA or really be known in the industry.IMG_5032

Here I am, this girl from Akron, Ohio, which isn’t exactly known for “fitness” and I tell myself I one day CAN be in the magazines. Why not?!

After I got off stage this man and his wife approached me and congratulated me on my win and newly earned pro card.

His wife says, “You have a great look and we would like to feature you in our magazine.”

The man hands me his card. He and his wife are the owners of Fitness RX for Women magazine and several other fitness publications.

She goes on to say, “We have never featured or used an NPC or IFBB competitor in our magazine, you will be the first ever featured in our Fitness Rx for Women publication. We really like your appeal.”

I kept a smile and listened, I didn’t want to seem over excited or like I was a “newbie’ to this type of thing.IMG_5033

I am so excited to hear about this opportunity and not only that I will be in a “magazine”, but I will also be the FIRST NPC/IFBB ever used in a model in Fitness Rx for Women magazine.

Ahhh, another dream come true- all in one day!

Then they say, “You will fly out on Friday and shoot all day Saturday.”

All these thoughts are going through my head…..

Wait a minute? Friday? That’s the day after Thanksgiving!!!IMG_5034

You mean to tell me I have to fly out and be ready for a fitness photo shoot the day after Thanksgiving?!

Thanksgiving I eat turkey, mashed potatoes, and pie. I want to eat PIE on Thanksgiving.

I also want to sleep in and just relax, after all….it’s the day after Thanksgiving?!

Thanksgiving isn’t about working out and fitness. It’s about stuffing the turkey and stuffing yourself.

Whose pants fit after Thanksgiving, let alone be ready to do a fitness photo shoot!!!IMG_5035

Who are these people to suggest such a thing, lol!!

So I smile and I take their card to confirm the arrangements for my trip- for the day after Thanksgiving to LA.

I sooo wanted to be in the magazines, but now my Thanksgiving is ruined!

Of course I did not say any of those things to the man and his wife:) That was the banter taking place in my head.

I was presented with a once in a lifetime opportunity, that I had only dreamed would happened and now I am faced with making “an adjustment”.IMG_5036

You’ve heard the saying, “Opportunity won’t always be there, but excuses will be.”

I had a choice.

Make the excuse I can’t go to LA because it’s the day after Thanksgiving -or – adjust my thinking and my schedule.

Well, when you put it that way, it’s easy.

I attended Thanksgiving with my family and I took my own prepared versions of my meals. I still enjoyed my favorite foods, I just made sure I prepared them, kept the portions under control, and spaced them throughout the day – rather than the typical huge feast.

I ate steak, potatoes, brussel sprouts, cranberries, and then a small sliver of pie.
All I had to do was box up and freeze any of my grandma’s favorites for when I returned.

I had a choice to think of my Thanksgiving as “ruined” or just make an adjustment to my schedule.



I had a choice to make a small sacrifice to embark on an opportunity of a lifetime or say no, because it wasn’t the right “time”.

Everyday we are faced with choices. Some are big and some are small.

When you want something bad enough, you will make it happen.

If you aren’t serious, you’ll make excuses.

I will listen to excuses, but I do not accept them.

We, each one of us, possess the power to make things happen.

We decide when we will accomplish our goals.

When you are ready to take on and accomplish your goals, let me know.

I’d love to help:)

~ Summer Montabone, CSCS, IFBB Pro
Founder, Summer’s Fitness & Team VIP Online
Coach to Champions- In Life

PS- The photo shoot experience and my first time in LA…now that is a whole other story too! Whew!!!


See My Six Pack?

See My Six Pack?

It’s throwback Thursday… 11 years ago today, I was doing some photo shoots beforeIMG_5018 the Fitness Nationals.

I was super strong, ripped, & flipped. I had abs! Yes see my 6 pack!

That was 11 years ago, that I was laser focused and took my body and fitness career, to the next level.

It’s part of my journey & my resume.

I look the same today, don’t I?

In these photos – I’m 5’8″ and about 125 pounds with 6% body fat. I could bench 175 pounds & do 15 wide grip pull ups, no sweat.

Don’t ever use the term “girl push up”. I could do one arm and one leg push ups — can you dude?

I worked my tail off to get those big muscles. Aren’t I huge? I lifted so heavy trying to put on muscle. Don’t I look manly?

I ate 7-9 times a day. Protein, fats, carbs – all cycled through the week.IMG_5019 (1)

In a sport where others would do 2-3 cardio sessions A DAY for 45-60 minutes — I barely did 3 sessions a week for 20 plus my routine practice.

It’s funny how even 11 years ago, I was way way ahead in the sport when it came to getting lean in less time.

It wasn’t easy, but I was diligent and determined. I wanted to carve my best possible physique. I also wanted to have a highly skilled fitness routine. I wanted to win. And be in the magazines.

I wanted to show that this girl from Akron, Ohio could make her mark on the national level.

I’ll tell you more on how Nationals 2004 & the magazine thing went – tomorrow.IMG_5049

Tomorrow, Friday, is the Nationals 2016.

That’s what I wanted to achieve for myself back then. So I went for it.

Today, my goals are a bit different.

I know how hard it was for me to be that lean and “have abs”. I also know I can’t be that lean all the time. It’s not healthy. If I was still that lean-I wouldn’t have any kids!

So as I reflect on where I was 11 years ago and where I am today – I am a true believer – you can achieve anything you set your mind to and are willing to put the WORK into.

And I know a thing or two about helping others achieve their goals. That’s my passion today-helping others achieve their personal best!

What do you really want to achieve? It’s possible, but nobody said it’s easy.

~ Summer Montabone, CSCS
Founder, Summer’s Fitness

PS- If you don’t know me, I hope you can sense my sarcasm and my seriousness:)