Here’s some of our Favorite Products we recommend to compliment your success in our Fitness & Nutrition programs.


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Get key nutrients to repair, rebuild, and grow lean muscle tissue with an easily digestible protein shake. We have recommended our Top 2 Choices for both a Whey protein and a plant based or Vegan protein.

Note: Some people are lactose intolerant and a plant based or Vegan protein works best.


Having a hard time eating enough fruits and vegetables? A green product is your best dense in cellular health. You can simply add a scoop to your shake or yogurt to ensure you are getting all the nutrients you need.


Keep your energy and metabolic rate running by never skipping a snack.   Keep these in your purse, car and at work.

Note: Some protein bars are just candy bars with protein. These are our favorites for all the flavor without the junk or artificial stuff.


A multi vitamin is your insurance policy. Getting adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals is vital for proper metabolism. These are easy to swallow and on the stomach. We do recommend women consume an additional Cal-Mag-D supplement.


If your nutrition is on point and you need a little boost, give these trusted products a try.


These tools are great for getting a workout in at home. No Excues!


You work hard in the gym, now it’s time to give back to your body. Recovery work is just as important as training, so make sure to give your body some love….or it’ll get angry with you!


Your skin is the largest organ and you should be aware of the harmful toxins being absorbed by your hair, make-up, and skin care products, which have been linked to the increase risk of cancers. Rest assure with these Skin Care, Make Up, Spa, and Sun products.

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