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Our program schedule has recently expanded to bring our members even more sessions and opportunities to achieve your personal best! ®

* All new members & guests must schedule a first visit appointment before attending classes/sessions.
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Strength & Co. Camp and Forever Fit are personal training programs scheduled by appointment only.

Summer’s Bootcamp Schedule

Program Descriptions

  • Fitness Bootcamp: 

    Summer’s Fitness Bootcamp is a fun, fitness and fat loss program that burns fat and will get you in the best shape of your life! Our high energy, safe, and supportive group environment works for all fitness levels, from beginner to elite, and delivers twice the results in half the time! (In-Person & Virtual Options)

  • Strength & Conditioning Camp:

    Take your strength, fitness, and conditioning to the next level with Summer’s Fitness Strength & Co. Camp! Our specialized small group personal training program offers you more individualized attention to maximize your goals, without paying a premium for private personal training. Train like an athlete and look great with function for fitness combined. Our supportive coaches will help you test your limits to achieve your personal best! ® (In-Person & Virtual Options)

  • Forever Fit:

    Summer’s Fitness Forever Fit is low impact, functional training at its best so that you can be fit, strong and functional at any age! These group workout sessions, are designed by our functional fitness specialist, to help individuals enhance an active lifestyle by promoting strength, endurance, agility, balance, and flexibility, without stressful or high impact moves. You were designed to move and you don’t live life sitting down! Our coaches focus on keeping every workout fun and safe so you can be fit forever! (In-Person & Virtual Options)

  • 1 on 1, Private Personal Training:

    Have a previous injury or surgery? Super serious goals? Want some 1 on 1 “me time”? Whatever your reason, our 1 on 1 private personal training provides a safe, fun, and effective, personalized experience. Our Team is composed of experts in health, fitness, and medical fitness, to help you get started smarter, whether you workout with us in the studio (in-person), or from the comfort of your own home (virtually). (In-Person & Virtual Options)



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