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See My Six Pack?

See My Six Pack?

It’s throwback Thursday… 11 years ago today, I was doing some photo shoots beforeIMG_5018 the Fitness Nationals.

I was super strong, ripped, & flipped. I had abs! Yes see my 6 pack!

That was 11 years ago, that I was laser focused and took my body and fitness career, to the next level.

It’s part of my journey & my resume.

I look the same today, don’t I?

In these photos – I’m 5’8″ and about 125 pounds with 6% body fat. I could bench 175 pounds & do 15 wide grip pull ups, no sweat.

Don’t ever use the term “girl push up”. I could do one arm and one leg push ups — can you dude?

I worked my tail off to get those big muscles. Aren’t I huge? I lifted so heavy trying to put on muscle. Don’t I look manly?

I ate 7-9 times a day. Protein, fats, carbs – all cycled through the week.IMG_5019 (1)

In a sport where others would do 2-3 cardio sessions A DAY for 45-60 minutes — I barely did 3 sessions a week for 20 plus my routine practice.

It’s funny how even 11 years ago, I was way way ahead in the sport when it came to getting lean in less time.

It wasn’t easy, but I was diligent and determined. I wanted to carve my best possible physique. I also wanted to have a highly skilled fitness routine. I wanted to win. And be in the magazines.

I wanted to show that this girl from Akron, Ohio could make her mark on the national level.

I’ll tell you more on how Nationals 2004 & the magazine thing went – tomorrow.IMG_5049

Tomorrow, Friday, is the Nationals 2016.

That’s what I wanted to achieve for myself back then. So I went for it.

Today, my goals are a bit different.

I know how hard it was for me to be that lean and “have abs”. I also know I can’t be that lean all the time. It’s not healthy. If I was still that lean-I wouldn’t have any kids!

So as I reflect on where I was 11 years ago and where I am today – I am a true believer – you can achieve anything you set your mind to and are willing to put the WORK into.

And I know a thing or two about helping others achieve their goals. That’s my passion today-helping others achieve their personal best!

What do you really want to achieve? It’s possible, but nobody said it’s easy.

~ Summer Montabone, CSCS
Founder, Summer’s Fitness

PS- If you don’t know me, I hope you can sense my sarcasm and my seriousness:)