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Judy Has Dropped 65 Pounds

Judy Has Dropped 65 Pounds

Just shy of her two-year anniversary, Summer’s Fitness member, Judy, has completely transformed her life.  In less than 24 months, she has lost 65 pounds, over 33 inches, and 11% body fat!  Amazing!!

“I’m in better shape than I was twenty years ago!”

Judy, now embracing the benefits that come with living a healthy lifestyle, remembers a time when she didn’t feel as confident in herself.  “Before losing weight and getting into shape, I dreaded going places. I didn’t look good and I didn’t feel like myself,” she says. “I wanted to hide.  I wouldn’t let anyone take my photograph.”

It wasn’t until she ran into an acquaintance (that she almost didn’t recognize!) who had begun working out with Summer’s Fitness coach, Devin.  “He’d lost a lot of weight and he looked great.  He looked happier. I thought if he could do this, then so can I!  I signed up immediately.”

Since then, Judy has not only been making progress in the gym, but also has learned a great deal about overall health and wellness.  “I’ve completely changed my eating habits,” says Judy.  “I feel healthier and so much happier.”

“I’ve lost 65 pounds and all of the ‘skinny clothes’ in my closet fit me again.

At 58, Judy feels better than she did twenty years ago.  “Now I can’t wait to wear all of the clothes that have been hanging in my closet for years.”  The support and motivation she gets from trainer, Devin and the rest of the SF team have helped her lose weight in a lasting way.  “Devin has pushed me to accomplish so much more than I thought possible. I absolutely do recommend Summer’s Fitness whenever I’m asked.”

As a busy account executive, Judy’s time at the gym is precious, which is why Summer’s Fitness high intensity bootcamps  and personal training sessions are perfect for her.  30 minute classes, motivating coaches, and a holistic view of wellness has helped Judy achieve such amazing results.  Judy’s advice to those thinking their time has past to get healthy is this:

“It’s never too late to make positive changes and feel better about yourself.”

We are soooo super proud of Judy!  It’s hard to get started. It’s even harder to stick to it. We make the process easy with a supportive team behind you every step of the way!  

When you are ready to make a positive change in your life, Call or Text us at 330-497-2474, email us, send us a message, or request a complimentary consultation at We look forward to the opportunity to make a positive impact on your life too!

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Committed to your health & happiness,

Summer Montabone, CSCS and the entire Summer’s Fitness Team and Community

PS- We know it can be scary to get started, we get it!
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Meet Jenn

Meet Jenn

“After more than 12 years of always putting the kids’ needs before my own, I realized that sometimes, I need to put my needs first in order to meet any of their needs.  That’s a hard concept for many of us moms.

Raise your hand if you can relate to that!

Like so many devoted moms, Jenn spent her waking hours making sure her kids were happy, healthy, and taken care of, even at the expense of her own well-being.  As the end of 2016 neared, she decided that sacrificing her own health wasn’t the example she wanted for her children, and decided it was time to lead by example.

Now, in just six months, thanks to the tools she has learned through her fitness journey at Summer’s Fitness, Jenn is down 55 pounds, 27.5 inches, and 8% body fat! “I have been able to change my approach to eating and activity,” says Jenn. “I have gone from an size 16/18 to a size 10.  Most importantly, I FEEL so much better.  I have more energy to tackle my week”

Energy is something Jenn could not seem to muster up before she joined Summer’s Fitness.  “Over the past several years I had put on quite a bit of weight due to lack of exercise, poor eating choices, and generally bad life decisions,” she says. “I found myself frequently moody, tired, and generally not feeling well.”  As a single working mom of 3 incredible kids, ages 9, 12 and 12, who are all very active with school, sports, and other activities, she was always skipping meals or eating fast food on the run in order to stay on schedule.

Jenn describes her old self as, “Overweight, unhappy with my appearance and how I was feeling, and starting to take medications on a regular basis for things like heartburn, headaches, and body aches.”

In addition, she was missing out participating in some activities with the kids.  What really hit hard though, Jenn says, “They were starting to take on some of my bad habits, and I didn’t want that for them.”

Like most people embarking on a new fitness journey, Jenn was apprehensive.  With a busy schedule and three kids, how was she going to also fit in exercise and meal planning? Luckily, Jenn didn’t need to fit in hour-long cardio and weight training sessions multiple days a week to get the results she wanted.

“Summer’s Fitness offers an incredible variety of days and times for boot camp classes.  These classes are short enough to fit in any schedule but very effective and fun!”

Jenn was also concerned about her own lack of accountability.  However, she was pleasantly surprised when she was welcomed into the SF family from the start. “At Summer’s, the coaches, staff and members are VERY friendly, supportive and inclusive.  They pulled me right out of my shell very quickly.  I now have this large network of other people with similar goals that I can access anytime, anywhere via the members’ Facebook group if I have a question, concern, need a pick me up or even looking for ideas for a new recipe.”

Thanks to weekly weigh-ins, monthly assessments, and daily contact in the Facebook group, Jenn has a reason to stay accountable and focused on her goals.  “In my past experiences, if I didn’t have accountability through check ins, I would quickly find other things that came before my exercise plans,” she says.

Today, Jenn has the energy and enthusiasm to keep up with work, her home, her kids’ activities, and workout on a regular basis.  “This summer the kids and I have been hiking, camping, canoeing, swimming in the ocean, and playing games nightly in the backyard.  These are things I did not have the stamina to do in the past!”

Jenn has had such a life-changing experience through Summer’s Fitness, and is proud to be a healthy example for her kids.

“I recommend Summer’s Fitness to all of my friends and coworkers in the area!  Summer’s is a great place to belong.  The quality of coaches and variety workouts offers a challenge for ALL fitness levels without excluding those of us who start out very unfit.  Everyone at Summer’s fits in because the members are there to achieve their own personal best – not compete with the other members or ‘be seen’.”

Congratulations Jenn! We are SO PROUD of you for stepping out of your comfort zone and stepping into your greatness! It is our pleasure to guide you on your health, fitness, and happiness journey!

When you are ready to make a positive change in your life, Call us at 330-497-2474, email us, send us a message, or request a complimentary consultation at We look forward to the opportunity to make a positive impact on your life too!

Committed to your health & happiness,

Summer Montabone, CSCS and the entire Summer’s Fitness Team and Community

Meet Sam

Meet Sam

“Not to sound cliché, but Summer’s Fitness has literally changed my life.”

Sam lost 41.6 lbs, 20.5 inches & 10% Body Fat

Sam lost 41.6 lbs, 20.5 inches and 10% Body Fat

Those words, not said lightly, describe how Samantha took a small step towards a healthy lifestyle that made a HUGE difference in her life both personally and professionally.

At the young age of 25, Samantha became the CEO of her very own business, and since joining Summer’s Fitness, has become the CEO of her life.

Samantha is a hair stylist and salon owner, Modern Hairitage Salon.  Like many entrepreneurs, Samantha spent long hours building her business and left little time for anything else

“I became so engrossed [in my business], that I put my health on the back burner.  I had no exercise or nutrition routine, I ate whatever, whenever, and working out?  No, I didn’t have time for that!” she says.

Samantha would justify her decisions by saying, she didn’t have time to workout or eat healthy, and she was “fine” with her appearance.

What finally made her decide to try was the fact that bootcamps were a quick 30 minutes.  Who would have thought those 30 minutes would be LIFE CHANGING?!?!

Since joining Summer’s Fitness, Samantha said her life has changed drastically.  I’ve progressed in my career, I’ve learned to truly love myself and the skin I’m in, and I’m just all over happier.  The physical part of my journey is only half of what I have gained from joining Summer’s.  It started from within.  I realized that if I don’t put my health and myself first, I would be no good to anyone. For the first time in my life I truly know my body, and I love being healthy!  I’m a better friend, a better daughter, and a better boss now. The mental strength I have gained in the last 15 months is almost indescribable. I now have the mind set that I can do anything…and I will!  I want the people in my life to feel how I feel, it’s truly the best thing you can do for yourself.”

Sam was recently featured in About Magazine

Sam was recently featured in About Magazine

Samantha was the CEO of her company, and now she is the CEO of her life!  Summer’s Fitness helped her discover how she can have the best of both worlds!  “I have achieved things I didn’t even imagine possible,” she says.  “I walk differently, talk differently, and feel differently.  I pushed myself harder at the gym, and have used the last year to focus on my life and what makes me happy. I still have many health goals I want to accomplish, and I’m so excited for the continued journey!”

Today, Samantha is not only thriving personally, but her business is, too!  “I am in the process of expanding and relocating my salon and we will be having our grand opening on April 14th!

Even though I am busier than ever right now I have made the decision to still put my health first.  Eating right, working out at the gym – I feel like that is my core, and without that I won’t be able to function to my full potential.”

Sam is showing you can have it all without sacrificing your health. Way to go Sam!

Sam Swisher fb post

Are you ready to put yourself health and wellness first and become the CEO of your life like Samantha did? Give us a call at 330-497-2474 or click here to request a complimentary visit.

Meet Tammy ; She Once Suffered from “Gymtimidation”

Meet Tammy ; She Once Suffered from “Gymtimidation”

Tammy S GymIn just a few short months, Tammy has dropped 11 pounds, 10 inches, and over 2% body fat! Not only that, in those same short months, what she has lost in weight she has gained in confidence and motivation. A person who once avoided looking in mirrors because she didn’t like what she saw, now proudly sees herself as a strong, beautiful woman.

Tammy is a 45 year old mother to three children, ranging from ages 11 through 21. She works full time in a position where she sits – a lot. Before coming to Summer’s Fitness, she was unhappy with her physical appearance and lacked self confidence. Like many, not comfortable in her own skin…

She avoided social gatherings, avoided shopping, but longed for an answer to help make a life change. Her head was full of doubt and “what-if’s.

Tammy was apprehensive to start another “workout program,” due to past failures. Prior experiences left her with gym-timidation, wasted money, and a sense of failure. She didn’t think she could do a full-on program at her current weight and felt defeated before she had even started.

Thanks to Summer’s Fitness fitness bootcamp program and encouraging staff, Tammy was able to overcome her fears of the gym.

In just 4 short months, lost 11 pounds, 10 inches, and almost 2 pant sizes!

The progress she has made in the gym has improved her life outside of the gym as well. Tammy is proud of her slow and steady progress because for her, this wasn’t a quick fix.

Learning about nutrition, helpful staff, friendly members, and a support system has helped Tammy add fitness as a staple in her daily life : )

Tammy S and daughterNow, Tammy says she has more self-confidence and actually ENJOYS getting up and going to the gym. “When I miss a class I feel guilty” she says. She no longer shuns her reflection in the mirror and has enjoyed the fruits of her labor by replacing her now too-big clothes. “People are noticing and complimenting me on the hard work and determination,” Tammy adds, which also keeps her motivated to keep working hard. Her enthusiasm to create a healthier life for herself and her family is now something she can also share with her children. Tammy and her daughter both participated in the family fitness superhero challenge!

Her advice to anyone who feels they have tried “everything” or is swayed from working out in a gym because of “gym-timidation,” she says this: “Stay away from the scale and don’t rely on it – it can hurt your confidence. We all don’t lose the same way but keep at it – it will happen. Do it for you, invest in yourself, and DON’T GIVE UP.”


We are so proud of Tammy for putting herself first! When you are ready to invest in yourself too; experience the difference in our educational and motivating environment to achieve your personal best! ® Request a complimentary evaluation at . We only accept motivated and coachable applicants. Our program is not a fit for everyone : )