Happy Healthy Holidays

I recently surveyed my readers and asked:

What are your biggest struggles when it comes to staying fit over the holidays?

The #1 answer was “All the Sweets and Goodies” and some even added “the pressure to eat them from family & friends”.

#2: “The busy schedules and trying to fit everything in.”

For example, one of our Summer’s Fitness clients, Vera, responded:

“The hectic schedule we place on ourselves and the priority we give them. We tend to put ourselves last on the list. The food is great and I won’t deny myself the goodies but making the time to workout is tough. But I’ve learned it’s the first thing (workouts) I put on my holiday calendar.”

That is excellent advice and Vera has embraced our healthy living principles well!

Here’s a quick list of TIPS & STRATEGIES that I hope you can implement to enjoy a HEALTHIER & HAPPIER HOLIDAY:

#1 Prioritize: Ask yourself what is most important to YOU over the holidays?

  • Is it attending every holiday party or event?
  • Is it maintaining your health & fitness?
  • Is it shopping for gifts for everyone?
  • Is it creating new traditions or honoring past traditions?

Only YOU can DECIDE what is on your Holiday Priority List.  Once you know what that is, it is up to YOU to make those decisions or “create healthy boundaries” for yourself (and others). Creating healthy boundaries is something I help my private clients, in Fearless Academy, excel at implementing in their daily life.

#2 Schedule It:

  • Put all the events you WANT to attend on your calendar.
  • Schedule your workouts, shopping trips, cooking or meal prep times, and your stress relief time on your calendar.
  • Set a consistent bedtime and wake up time.
  • Based on the list you made in #1 – Don’t make a “To Do List and Wing It”, instead, => SCHEDULE IT

#3 Enjoy the Holidays with a Plan and Without the Guilt:

  • Move your body everyday. Consistency is key when it comes to staying fit and maintaining your mental & physical health. Even 10 minutes can help you maintain. Go to 10minutefitnesschallenge.com for a Free Copy of my 10 Minute – 28 Day Plan.
  • The truth is you can have “holiday foods”, cookies, and ham; ANYTIME of year. Enjoy your favorite foods, but choose a reasonable portion and freeze your favorites to have in the future. You don’t need to overindulge or put in your head that you can ONLY have these foods at the holidays.
  • Don’t worry about an occasional indulgence. ENJOY your favorite foods and then move on without the guilt.
  • Plan or limit the number of indulgences. One day here and there is okay, but don’t let it stretch into a week of overeating and napping

I’m providing these graphics, along with the help from Prime Fit Content, as a fun way to share information to help you stay on track with your exercise and eating habits over the holidays.

I hope you found these tips helpful, and empowering. If you are ready to start or re-start your health and fitness journey, in-studio or virtually, we’d love to help!  You can try out our 21 Day program for Only $21 at www.SummersVIP.com. This opportunity ends 12/31/2021.

Coach Summer

CEO, Mom, Wife, Coach to Champions => In Life!

About Summer: Summer Montabone, CSCS*R , is a Personal Development and Life Coach empowering 40+ women in Fearless Academy to be healthy, confident & purpose driven. Fearless Living for Maximum Happiness ™.

Summer is also the CEO and Founder of Summer’s Fitness Inc., helping people achieve their personal best!® www.summersfitness.com

Summer is a regular expert contributor to Oxygen magazine.

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