How To Fit Fitness In! (And Stick With It)

Are you having trouble fitting fitness into your life?
Do you struggle to find the time to make it into the gym?

In this video I share some quick tips that will help you make fitness a priority!

#1) Map out your schedule:


#2) Try “Exercise Stacking”


#3) Change your mindset from fitness being a “luxury” to a “necessity”!


#4) Remember how fitness makes you feel!


Try these tips out! If you are still having trouble fitting exercise in!

Coach Aaron Viscounte, CSCS, PN1, Head Coach and Manager

Is there anything else you need help or advice with? Feel to reachout! 

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About Summer:
Summer Montabone has a passion for helping people live happier and healthier lives. Her passion has evolved over the years (established) as a personal trainer (1997), health & PE teacher (1998), NSCA-CSCS (2003), NPC/IFBB Fitness Champion and Pro (2004), and fitness studio owner (2007).

Summer has faced numerous amounts of adversity from years of trauma, including, a battle with postpartum depression beginning in 2011.  Summer has received several accolades since 2011 and has made it her mission to help others become the CEO of their own life.

You can learn more about her North Canton location, Summer’s Fitness at or Call/Text 330-497-2474.

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