The Partner Ab Workout for Core Strength and Stability

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This one’s a fun one….so grab a partner and get ready!

~ Summer and Aaron 

Two’s company! Double up on your results and have some fun in the process with this partner-assisted core routine.

Abdominal training tends to be a lonely endeavor. We’ll do bench presses, seated presses, squats and even curls with someone in tow who can give a spot and motivate us past sticking points — but then we take our mat and tuck off to a corner by ourselves to pump out sets of crunches, leg lifts and planks.

Our response to that is, Why not have a training partner for abs? Grabbing a friend or significant other to train your core with will give your efforts a boost, turning what can sometimes be a boring undertaking into an amazing higher-intensity (and dare we say enjoyable) abdominal routine.

The 2×2 Partner Ab Workout

1. Bicycle for 2

Two decades ago, the American Council on Exercise tested numerous abdominal moves using electromyography equipment to measure muscle stimulation — and the bicycle came out on top. Here, Aaron Viscounte, CSCS, PN1, head coach and manager at Summer’s Fitness in North Canton, Ohio, kicks the bicycle up a notch by adding a partner component.

The move: Lie on the floor with your knees bent 90 degrees and your feet planted; your partner should mirror you, with both your feet in the air, each sole touching the corresponding foot of your partner (i.e., right foot to left foot and left foot to right). Your hands should be on the sides of your head. One partner extends her right leg, pushing her right foot into her partner’s left; the partner will bend her left knee in response while also extending her right leg, so both partners end up with one leg extended and one bent. At this point, each of you will curl your torso off the floor as you rotate, bringing your right elbow toward your left knee. Both of you will then reverse the motion, curling toward the other knee on the next rep. Develop a steady, rhythmic cadence as you move your legs and curl up your elbow to the bent knee each time.

2. High-Five Sit-Up

This simple movement comes from Summer Montabone, CSCS, retired IFBB pro fitness athlete and founder of Summer’s Fitness. All that’s required is your partner, an open spot on the floor and a mat if you want one.

The move: Lie on the floor with your knees bent and your feet planted; your partner should mirror you, with her toes in contact with yours. With your hands touching lightly behind your head, you’ll each curl your torso into a full sit-up. At the top of each sit-up, reach to your partner to either high-five or touch fingers, meaning you’ll want to develop a steady cadence so you’re rising and lowering yourself at the same pace as your partner.

3. Medicine-Ball Sit Up and Pass

By adding a medicine ball, either hard or soft, Montabone says you can take the idea of the high-five sit-up one step further by trading the hand slap for a quick exchange.

The move: Assume the same start position as the high-five sit-up but with one partner holding a medicine ball at her chest with both hands. As each person reaches the top, the person with the ball passes it to the other, who takes it in both hands and reverses direction under control to the floor. Repeat the sequence, exchanging the ball on each rep.

4. Medicine-Ball Russian Twist

Viscounte suggests this exercise as a solid finisher to target the obliques — the muscles running alongside your “six-pack” muscles, which engage whenever you twist your torso.

View the article in its entirety on Oxygen by clicking HERE.

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