Take Your Workout On Vacation

Workout on Vacation

It’s time for Summer fun. Yes, I do mean not only fun in the summer sun, but also some of my own brand of fun that will help you workout on vacation. Taking a vacation doesn’t mean you’re taking a vacation from exercise or healthy eating, although that’s what some people do. Unfortunately, getting back on track takes weeks to make up for the eating indiscretions and lack of exercise time. Don’t throw away all the progress you made.

Use an exercise program specifically made for your travel time.

I love helping people stay fit, so it’s never a problem for me to create a special exercise program they can do in small spaces, such as a motel room. However, if you have all the stops planned ahead and know there’s a workout room, I can also create a program that maximizes its use. Many motels and hotels often have pools and a water workout might be just what you need after a long day of travel.

Use your surroundings as the perfect form of exercise.

If you’re traveling to a national park, Disney World or other place where you’ll be hiking or walking all day, use that as your cardio exercise for the day. Even in the city, walking city block after block at a good stride will bring you excellent cardio benefits, saving you cab fare in the process. Take stairs instead of elevators and build your endurance. If this is an adults only vacation, make sure you take an evening to dance the night away. Fast dancing is a great workout.

Eat healthy, no matter where you go.

Take a few minutes of extra planning to make sure you have healthy snacks on the journey. Just as you would at home, plan to be hungry between meals and take along healthy snacks. Whether getting your dinner from a fast food drive-through or five star restaurant, choose it wisely. The burger and fries might be tempting, but opt for the salad instead. Ask for dressing on the side in the restaurant and choose the wild rice over the white rice. See if there’s a local produce market near by and look for some tasty treats to stock the refrigerator in your room. The key is to be prepared, otherwise you’ll be tempted to eat the snacks in the hotel that are both high calorie and high priced.

Don’t feel like you have to give up sampling great cuisine. If your vacation includes going to a favorite restaurant that’s only available at that locale or one that’s been on your bucket list forever, don’t give up the opportunity to enjoy it. Eat slowly and savor each bite. You’re eating healthier, not dieting.

Fill up on salads and fresh fruits and vegetables rather than rolls.

Take along plenty of water and stay hydrated. Whether you’re working out or walking the city streets, keeping water ready to refresh you is far better than stopping for a soft drink.

Limit your alcohol consumption. Make sure you stick to water, particularly if it’s hot. Alcohol can cause dehydration, not to mention the empty calories it also has.

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