Summer Is Here!

%image_alt%Summer is here! That’s my favorite line when the weather is warm and I enter a room. Having the name Summer makes me partial to the warm weather, but I’d love it just as much even if it weren’t my name. While we don’t get all the snow and cold that our Northern friends experience, winter can be quite chilling and unmotivating when it comes to fitness. I’m always glad to see the first signs of spring and summer. I find most of my clients are more motivated during these months, some by the prospects of wearing skimpier clothing and others by the warm weather and sunshine.

Get a jump start on a healthy diet.

Eating healthier doesn’t have to cost a fortune and when you factor in the money you save on health care because of it, it’s a huge bargain. It’s the time to start shopping smarter. You’ll be able to start eating healthier when the first produce of the season makes its way to the grocery shelves. Asparagus and strawberries drop in price significantly in the spring, so buy a lot and freeze the extra for later use. Start your own garden for even fresher produce this summer. You don’t have to have a lot of space to grow a few veggies or herbs in a container. You’ll know they’re fresh when you pick the tomatoes off the vine.

Start a workout program if you don’t have one already.

You need all the energy you can get for more fun in the summer sun. Working out on a regular basis is also one of the biggest boosts to your health available. In fact, for every one minute you exercise, you’ll reap a minimum of seven minutes of extra life. You’ll also be healthier those extra years and enjoy life more.

Don’t deny yourself the enjoyment of activities because you still need to shed a few pounds.

Some people hide in the shadows because they feel uncomfortable with their body and their weight. That’s nonsense. While you don’t have to want to stay overweight or out of shape, that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying all the activities that summer has to offer. The more you do, the more weight you’ll lose too, so there are extra benefits. Love yourself where you’re at today and look forward to meeting the new person you’ll become.

Use the warm weather to walk more. If you live close to work, walk there rather than drive. Park in the first spot you see in a parking lot and walk further to the door. Both save gas and build your fitness.

Try something new this summer. If you’ve never rock climbed, hiked or camped, it might be time to try. Take swimming lessons if you’re a non swimmer or even try hang-gliding. Look for active adventures everywhere and enjoy every minute of each new activity.

Buy a summer outfit a bit too small. Don’t make the outfit four sizes too small, but make it small enough to fit uncomfortably. You can use it as your measure for success. When it fits perfectly, you’ll know you’ve made huge progress toward your fitness goal.

Learn new recipes that involve healthier foods. Whether you’re making fresh fruit pops, fruit slushies or a fresh vegetable dish, serving new healthier dishes each meal can be an enjoyable challenge that will benefit your health and your family’s health.

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