She turned 8!!!

Get ready for a bunch of photos of a future leader, fitness coach, veterinarian, beautician, spunky money…you name it!

It’ll come at no surprise; she’s been on the move since 8 months old, #running, and there’s no stopping her energy or creativity!

She’s my WHY!

Enjoy some 8 years of cuteness;)

She’s been know to jump in and start coaching a Bootcamp session or two!

“Get to work”, “Keep Going”.

She can bust out 20 “legit” push ups and even a couple pull ups.

We certainly do not force her to be active or challenge herself …. nature is stronger that nurture sometimes;) But we do let her TRY. #empower



She has embraced our mindset of Fit. Fab. Fearless. and takes pride in giving her best.

She (both my girls) will sometimes even introduce themselves as “Summer’s Fitness owners” lol 😉

They love and want to share our mission too! #legacy

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, uncle, aunt, neighbor – you have the opportunity to empower and set an example for our young people.

YOU are their hero!

Be YOUR OWN Hero, first!

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I’ve hope you’ve enjoyed a little celebrating of my first born and one of the driving factors behind the Summer’s Fitness mission!

Be careful what you do because you never know who’s watching;)

Have a great day! Happy 8th Birthday Lennox!!



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Don’t wait for someone to come to your rescue…. YOU are your own hero.

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