Set Some Goals

Set Some Goals

Whether you’re going on a vacation, to the grocery or heading for work, you’ve created a destination in your mind. That destination is your goal for the trip. In order to accomplish any thing, you need to set some goals. The goals may just be mental and short term, such as getting up from your chair to feed the cats or long term, such as weight loss and fitness. Once you realize everything you do starts with a goal, whether stated, written or just mental, it will raise your awareness at how powerful conscious goal creating is and you’ll see a huge change in your life.

The more specific the goal, the better the chance you have of achieving it.

If you were traveling and decided that going west is a goal, but never identified a stopping point, you’d never know when you arrived at your destination, how far you had to drive each day, the best route to take or how much money you needed for fuel and lodging. You could be driving to Toledo, Fort Wayne Indiana, Chicago, Illinois, all the way to San Francisco, California or any stop in between. The same is true for weight loss and fitness. Saying I want to lose weight isn’t enough, you need to be specific, such as losing 60 pounds.

Don’t make the goal overwhelming.

Whether you’re building a house, traveling or losing weight, you won’t accomplish everything in one day. A big goal requires you to break it down to smaller more achievable goals. For traveling, you may break the trip down into days and break that day down to shorter intervals on the road, such as where you want to be in four hours to get lunch. Losing 60 pounds is an achievable goal, but it’s an overwhelming goal you have to break down to smaller steps, such as lose two or three pounds a week.

Create an even more specific plan.

While you may know how much you want to lose, broken down to achievable goals, you still don’t have a map of how to get there. That’s where I help clients the most, by teaching them how to eat healthier and creating workout plans that fit their present level of fitness. Just like that trip, if you’re going to California by car, you won’t arrive there in a day. The speed limit and capability of your vehicle dictate how fast you go. Unlike that trip, as you drive further, you’ll probably go at the same speed. When you workout, you’ll become fitter and be able to do more. That’s when I ramp up the program for you and have you working even harder to see results faster.

Creating a goal and all the steps toward fitness is fun. You can look forward to checking off milestones and be able to see when you’ve made progress. It’s your map to fitness.

Getting fitter is like taking an extended vacation. You don’t have to go back to where you started once you achieve your goal, you can choose a new more exciting goal.

You’ll be amazed at how achieving fitness goals helps you in other endeavors in your life. You’ll feel more confident to set goals in other areas and know how to achieve them.

While losing weight may have been your goal, you’ll get may other returns from your program of fitness. You’ll build more endurance, have higher energy levels, develop a graceful more assured walk and feel good about yourself.

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