How To Tone Your Arms

How to Tone Your Arms

If you’ve ever thought there was a helicopter overhead when wearing a sleeveless top only to find it was the flab under your arm flapping in the wind, it’s time to tone your arms. You don’t have to cover your body and wear long sleeves to feel comfortable in public. It takes a few exercises done on a regular basis to tone the muscle tissue and make it more attractive.

Start with something simple.

One exercise that almost everyone can do is arm circles. To maximize results, holding three or five pound weights can get results faster. If your arm strength is totally limited you don’t have to use weights at first. You can work up to the eight pound weights. Stand erect with your arms outstretched at your sides. Make small backward circles with your arms, making sure you keep your shoulders down. Repeat the circle twenty times and then do forward circles for the same number of times.

Push toward the clouds for even more muscle tissue.

Another easy exercise that can help tone those arms is also another simple one. If you have limited upper body strength, you can start without a weight and gradually add dumbbells from one to eight pounds, making sure you have the same weight in each hand. Stand with feet apart, bending your elbows with hands shoulder height and palm facing outward. Raise your hands up with arms straight, keeping your shoulders down. Lower back to starting position and repeat the process 20 times.

Keep the weights behind your back.

This one is tougher. Stand with your feet at shoulder width and your knees slightly bent. Your arms should be at your side with palms facing backward and a dumbbell in each hand, if you’re able. Lift your arms backward, hands should be about two feet from the body and then bring them back down to your sides. Repeat this 20 times.

These are just starting points for firmer upper arms. In order to get the best results, losing overall body fat may be necessary. Make sure you don’t do these every day, but instead every other day.

Some simple curls with your arms to your side can also help tone your upper arms. You can start doing these without weights and work up to eight pounds.

A push up starting with the forearm flat and elbows bent to support you is another good way to use body weight to build your upper arm muscles.

There are so many different upper arm exercises but a total fitness program not only firms your arms, it can also firm and tone your entire body while burning body fat in the process.

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