Healthy Travel Tips – How I got searched?!

I’ve been on a 9 day trip traveling across the country attending personal and professional development conferences and masterminds.
Planes, planes, & planes (buses, taxis, and Uber’s, too).
Traveling can often feel like a hassle and sometimes even a reason to “abandon” our healthy nutrition habits. I want to share with you some simple tips you can use when traveling by planes, trains, or automobile. Plus, I want to help you save you some Time & Money; as well as the extra hassle while traveling!

Yep, they searched my bag.

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Healthy Airplane Travel Tips and what healthy snack caused my carry bag to get searched!

It’s so convenient to see all the water stations throughout the airport – saves you $$$ and the environment, too!!
That’s right, you need to drink even MORE water while you travel!!

Love this water display 🙂

It can be expensive and a drag to pack healthy foods.

Here’s my favorite complete combo that CAN go with you anywhere:
* Almonds
* Green Apple
* Arbonne Protein – all you need access to is a shaker cup, water, & ice – which you can find at hotels & airports.

Healthy Fats, Plant Based Protein, Carbs from Fruit – Make Up a complete combo to keep your hunger & hormones in check!

Traveling to visit family, see sights, for business, to explore, or more; are a valuable part of life!
Experience as much as you can!Sound like a plan?

I hope you found these tips valuable and are planning your next trip:)

Where will you be headed?

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