Do you weigh your worth by the number on the scale?

So many women weigh their worth by the number on the scale.

I weigh 50 pounds different in these 2 photos. Yes, 50.

I’m not sharing for your opinion on which look is better or for seeking approval.

I want you to look at “weight” from a different perspective.

Yes, we need to be in a “healthy weight range” for optimal function and reduce our risk of disease.


And here’s the thing with most people, especially women…. When we get to “that number” we are still NOT Satisfied.

It’s not good enough. We need to lose more or lift our butt here and we continue to pick ourselves apart.

How about what your body CAN DO for you?

I was super ripped and strong, as a Pro Fitness athlete, but that body couldn’t bear children and was on its way to osteoporosis and hormonal damage. In fact, I’m sure it is affecting my hormones today.

That body today; it gave me 2 beautiful children, helps others achieve their best, feels pretty good (despite some back pain from that former body), and it’s HAPPIER.


I know. Does the change in looks mess with my head sometimes, absolutely.

We are ALL a work in progress constantly trying to improve ourselves. We should. We need to evolve and challenge ourselves. You grow or you die.

But you will also die inside if you never stop to appreciate where you are NOW.

Understand that maintenance is also a gift.  

Plateauing in life and even hitting a low point is WHEN the biggest breakthroughs occur.

So stop beating yourself up.  

Keep moving or maintaining.  

Keep learning to love yourself for WHO you are and that means taking care of your Mind, Body, & Spirit.

 * There is no perfect weight, age, calories, exercise, diet, etc.

You are at the perfect place when YOU decide you are happy & healthy – only YOU know how that FEELS and there is no numerical measure to prove it!



PS- Every aspect of your journey is perfect because it’s what you NEED to learn & grow.

By no means am I saying eat junk food and sit on the couch. <= That’s not honoring your body & mind.

Stop & Smell the Rose and Celebrate even the Smallest Successes. You deserve it. You are worth it! That’s how you keep your momentum going

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