3 Tips For A Stronger Power Clean

Next time you are at the grocery store, pick up the Fall 2021 issue of Oxygen Magazine, where Summer and I contributed to an article about the Power Clean!

 “The clean is a functional movement used [routinely] in everyday activities. We use aspects of the clean to pick up a box and put it on a shelf, move furniture, or even go grocery shopping.”


Even though the power clean is known as an Olympic weight lifting movement, it is a fantastic exercise for building power, agility, and strength (which is extremely important as we age)!

 There are many components that go into performing a power clean correctly, but here are 3 tips that will keep you safe while performing the exercise, and can be used throughout our day to day activities!

#1. Keep the weight tight to your body throughout the entire exercise

✔️ Start with the weight close to, or touching your shins

✔️ As you drive the weight up, don’t let it get away from your body

✔️ Use your anterior delts and chest to keep the weight stable in the rack position

Exercises to help: Deadlift, High Pull

#2 Generate power from your glutes and hips (not your arms)

✔️ Work on “Triple Extension” of the knees, hips, and ankles

✔️ Dig your feet into the ground as you are lifting the weight from the ground and try to “push the ground away.”

Exercises to help: Squat jump, Total Body Extension, Glute Bridge

#3. Keep great posture and a flat back throughout the movement.

✔️ In the pull phase and the catch phase, keep your butt back and your chest up. Look straight ahead.

✔️ Keeping the weight tight to your body will help with good posture.

✔️ “Think about flexing your lats and drawing your shoulder blades together to keep the bar [in position].”

Exercises to help: Wonder women, Deadlift, Squat

The power clean is just one of many functional movements. 

A great exercise program should include functional movements because they directly apply to your everyday life. As an added bonus, most will help strengthen your core!

Do you incorporate functional movements into your workouts?

If you would like to learn more about the power clean, or functional exercises, we would love to help!

Is there anything else you need help or advice with? Feel to reachout! 

Here To Help You Achieve Your Personal Best!

~ Coach Aaron and on behalf of Summer and #summersfitnessfamily

Committed to your health & happiness,
Coach Summer Montabone, CSCS*R

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Summer has faced numerous amounts of adversity from years of trauma, including, a battle with postpartum depression beginning in 2011.  Summer has received several accolades since 2011 and has made it her mission to help others become the CEO of their own life.

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