10 Minute Workout Challenge

Just wanted to remind you, YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR! And because you are, you deserve and owe it to yourself to do a MINIMUM of 10 Minutes of Movement, EVERYDAY.

When you do a minimum of 10 minutes of exercise, daily, you keep the momentum going. After all, it’s your momentum, or to keep going- not stopping, that is most important.

Ten little minutes, each day, keep both your body and mind primed to stay in the routine of exercise or to get started, if this is a new journey. This simple 10 minute “rule”, or daily habit, has been the key to my most successful clients staying on track, especially when life gets tough, and it will.

You can commit to just 10 minutes everyday, right?

If you are saying, “ I just don’t have any motivation to exercise.” I get it! Watch the video below for a quick message where I share some “get started” tips!

Longer isn’t better. My online clients, personal training and bootcamp clients at my fitness studio get results in 30-minute sessions, a few times a week. So put the all or nothing “I have to exercise an hour – 5 days a week” mentality to rest. It’s not realistic to fit in your busy lifestyle.

Knowledge is Only Power When You Take Action!

Let’s Get Started!
This 10 Minute Daily Fitness Challenge works to help you:

• Get started with an exercise routine
• Return from a lay off of exercise
• When you are busy and 10 minutes is all you’ve got
• Stay fit when traveling

✔️ Roll out of bed
✔️ Drink a glass of water & go!
✔️ Plug it in ANYTIME of day!

For 10 minutes, daily, go in order, alternating the 2+ exercises for the designated reps.

If you are unsure of the exercises, watch the video for demonstrations. (Recommended.). Be sure to click the button below and download your workout plan before you start!

Set Your Timer For 10 Minutes And GO!
Pro Tip: Put the date next to each day you complete and even a sticker or checkmark!

DAY 1 or SUNDAY – “Primer” Mobility Work:

10 reps of each:
• Upper Body Swings with Butt Kicks
• Front Leg Swings (both legs)
• Side Leg Swings (both legs)
• Arm Circles (front and back)
• Trunk Rotations

Feel free to do this Warm Up every day, even as a break throughout the day!


10 reps of each:
Wide Squats (or sit on a chair)
Mountain Climbers (or march in place)


Ladder 2 of each, 4 of each, 6 of each, and keep going up in reps:
Jumping Jacks (or side to side taps for low impact)
High Knees (or marching in place for low impact)


Ladder 1 reps of each, 2 reps of each, 3 & up reps:
Push ups (feet, knees, the wall – no excuses; find a way that works for you!)
Crunches (I show both the floor and stability ball version, and give some good tips


5, 10, 15, 10, 5 reps :
• Kettlebell Swings
• Squat to Press w/ bell

* You can use a dumbbell, a bookbag, or water jug if you do not have a kettlebell. If you have absolutely nothing to use, no excuses, just use your arms and pretend

How do you feel now that you are getting your blood flowing and momentum going?

You are doing great => Keep Going!


5, 10, 15, 10, 5 reps
Super Woman (lie on your floor or your bed- whatever works for you!
Glute Bridge (lie on the floor or shoulders on a chair)

DAY 7 or SATURDAY – “Grand Slam” Workout:

Repeat each move for 5 reps each:
• Squat Thrust to Knee Slam (you can walk it or do the knee slams only)
• Seated Twist
• Squat Thrust or Overhead Pull (or just focus on pulling your arms overhead)
• Woodchoppers

NOTE: Remember you are only doing 10 minutes. I wanted to show you what you CAN work up to -and- how we can make any exercise work for your current fitness level -and- based on the equipment you have available.


10 reps each:
• High Knees or March in Place
• Trunk Rotations
• Frankensteins or Leg Swings
• Upper Body Swings with Butt Kicks

DAY 9 or MONDAY – “Full Body Fit Mom Reality”:

My girls are a little older now, but this is just reality when you have little kids! Grab a pair of dumbbells (not my kiddo;), water bottles or soup cans and give it a try!

Do 5-10 reps of each move. Pick your magic number!
• Squat Thrust to Curl & Press (remember you can walk it or just Squat, Curl, & Press)
• Glute Bridge into a Tricep Extension
• Plank Up Downs
• Superman or Superwoman
• Step Ups or Walk Stairs

NOTE: As you see, this wasn’t one of the professional videos from earlier, but I wanted to show you – you have to do what you have to do – make a commitment to you – no matter what life throws at you


Have you heard of the “Burpees”?

Commit to doing at least 5 -or- how many Burpees can you do in 10 minutes? (Or perform Alternating 5 Push Ups & Squats.)

Of course rest as long as needed!

No need to be an over achiever! This works for getting started or back on track!


  • Enhanced results will come as you become more conditioned & can increase the intensity of each move. You don’t have to spend hours working out to see better results.
  • Don’t forget, even just doing “10 minute segments” are great to do if you only have 10 minutes to workout (busy/full day) or just want to add in another workout. Choosing 10 minutes can be smarter, rather than a full 30 minutes, and fits your busy life.
  • “Exercise stacking” is effective for fitness & fat loss, too. Do a 10-minute exercise bout in the morning and another 10-minute exercise bout in the afternoon, if that’s what it takes to fit fitness in your busy schedule.

Since you just committed to and completed the 10 Day – 10 Minute Fitness Challenge you are now armed with 10 Minute Workouts to plug in Anytime and Anywhere! Yeah! Keep Going!

Are you ready to take it one step further?

I have 2 BONUSES for you!


Before you go to Bonus #2 , I want you to promise me you will review these Warm Ups and commit to doing a 5 minute Warm Up before every workout!

That’s one of my famous sayings because it is that IMPORTANT to prepare your body for the workout

CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW TO ACCESS WARM UPS on my private page that includes Tips & Videos on proper warm up routines.


Ready to plug in some more workouts?

So far you’ve:

Prepped & Primed Your Mind & Body for 10 Days with the 10 Minute Fitness Challenge

Reviewed the Warm Ups to commit to 5 Minute Warm Ups before each Workout.

Now you are ready to add in one of these WORKOUTS for 10-20 minutes, every other day!

CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW TO ACCESS 5 WORKOUTS + 2 BONUS WORKOUTS on my private page with Written and Video Instructions.

Success Tip: Do a minimum of 10 minutes of exercise- EVERYDAY.

You could just do the warm up for example. You will FEEL GOOD & stick with the fitness program and are less likely to go days or weeks or stopping exercise if you commit to 10 Minutes everyday. Stop Re-starting Your Fitness Journey!

Keep your momentum going and your mind & body primed, with a Minimum of 10 Minutes of exercise EVERYDAY. This will help you stay on track when life gets crazy, and it will.


If this is our first introduction, Hello! Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to help you embrace a healthier and happier lifestyle by starting a fitness habit with my 10 Minute Fitness Challenge and concepts! I will share with you HOW and WHY I came up with this 10 Minute time saving and life saving concept.

My name is Summer Montabone and while I am known as a “Fitness Pro”, today I call myself a “CEO Mom”. I believe most of us have been brainwashed to be sick, stuck, and hurt. I also believe you can achieve health and happiness, in any season of life.

Over the years I have evolved as (established) a personal trainer (1997), health & physical education teacher (1998), NSCA- Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (2003), National Fitness Champion & IFBB Pro (2004), and fitness studio owner (2007) www.summersfitness.com.

While I am considered an international fitness expert, my many years of adversity and trauma (starting in childhood), losing my mom to cancer in 2006, and becoming a mom in 2011, are truly what have shaped my beliefs, who I am today, and who we serve at Summer’s Fitness (in-studio and virtually).

When I had my first daughter in 2011 I embarked on a battle with postpartum depression and anxiety, including a 1 week hospital stay. As I emerged and embarked on a self care journey, even as a fitness pro, I was struggling to exercise. So I said to myself, “Summer, set a timer and just move for 10 minutes”. That’s how I got restarted when I was just trying to “survive”. Many of us set ourselves up for failure with these really big goals, when really we just need to start, and start with baby steps. I was able to build to that 10 Minute concept and I have shared it with my most successful clients: The 10 Minute Fitness Challenge.

Today, I am happy to share it with you!

I also want to share with you, no matter what hardships you are facing or have faced in the past, you have the power to become the CEO of your own life! With the right support, systems, and guidance you CAN overcome adversity and be successful! I hit rock bottom and I am proof you can emerge even stronger than before! I believe in you! I once coached other fitness athletes to win the highest awards including a 3x World Champion.

I DECIDED (one of the concepts in my private coaching program) I no longer wanted to help women win trophies. I want women to become their own personal champion!

Today, I use my talents and gifts to help people, but especially moms, carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders that often shows up on their waist. My fitness studio, located in North Canton, Ohio, and also serving people virtually, has a tagline: “Achieve Your Personal Best!” ® Our community of members/clients are soooo supportive and our team of coaches truly CARE! Everything is individualized to your needs and goals, no matter your current fitness level and even if you have had previous surgeries or injuries. Many of our members say,

“We’re not a gym, we’re a life transformation. We are #summersfitnessfamily!”

When you are ready to find a fitness family, in-person or virtually, I do hope you will check us out! In case you ready now, the best place to see our transformation programs is HERE.

Committed to your health & happiness,

Summer Montabone, CSCS*R

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