Meet Veronica

Veronica’s 8 Week progress photos from the New Year Transformation Challenge

Veronica is an exceptional example of how “more” doesn’t always equal “better.”

You’ve seen people spend hours and hours on cardio machines, or log 2+ hours at the gym and their bodies don’t reflect the hours working on it. Once Veronica stopped putting in excruciating long hours in the gym and adopted Fit Fab Women Online’s high intensity 30-minute workouts, she saw changes – within a week.

Originally from Argentina, Veronica moved to Boston 6 years ago and decided to stay in the area because she loved everything about it: the people, her job, the city.

She works a 9-5 at a publishing company and tries to compensate the long hours sitting by biking to and from work daily.

Before entering Summer’s Fitness – Fit Fab Women Online program, Veronica was working out 2-3 times a week for about 1.5-2 hours each time, focusing mainly on lifting heavy weights. “I was extremely exhausted, hopeless, not thinking clearly, and even losing the ability to produce coherent sentences in English,” she says. “I was worried, but I didn’t know exactly the cause of my tiredness.”

It wasn’t until she started FFWO in October 2016 that she had an “ah-ha” moment. At first, she was extremely hesitant to start a completely new training program that only included 30 minute workouts. “Bikini Body?” she thought to herself, “Whaaat? That’s impossible! I exercise really, really hard and I’m still not close to reaching my goals. There’s no way 30-minutes will do it.” exclaimed Veronica. She was in the mindset that more = better. Longer workouts meant better and faster results. Boy was she in for a surprise!

“I was desperate for a change though; I knew I needed to slow down and gain myself and my life back; so I gave it a try.”

Veronica says joining FFWO was the best decision for her. “Within the first week not only did I see changes in my body (I was shocked!), but I also started to have clarity in my mind. In a matter of a few days I was myself again; I was thinking clearly and had lots of energy. That was the power of good eating, good exercise, and great support from Summer, all the coaches and the Facebook members.”

Like many people, even with her best efforts, Veronica was a victim to holiday parties and treats (we’re all human!) “Despite all of my progress, I gained 10 pounds due to some bad food choices. I was depressed about some personal and family issues back home.” However, she never quit exercising and checking in with the FFWO group. She felt like she was back at the starting line, but knew she wasn’t alone. “Summer and the FFWO members were all there and I don’t think they know how much their daily support meant to me. A two-month New Year Challenge was approaching and this time I was more empowered and determined to make a change.”

“I recharged my batteries, wrote down my goals, stopped lying to myself or making excuses, and together with everyone’s support I was able to lose all those 10 pounds and regain control of my life.”


Veronica walked 20 Miles For Hunger in Boston, with a friend, May 7th

Today, Veronica feels more empowered than ever, with lots of energy, and very lucid and concentrated at work. “I feel good about myself, not only at the physical level but also at the emotional/intellectual one. Life goes way beyond appearance, but hey, it makes you feel extra good when you are happy about what you see in the mirror! I’m ready for more, and looking forward to what’s coming next in this journey.”

Veronica has experiences such a positive change in her overall wellness that she recommends Fit Fab Women Online to everyone and anyone that is looking for a positive change in their lives. “I happen to be single, no kids, but I am in deep admiration of all the women (many with kids) that participate in this program. Seeing their amazing work, dedication, and impressive results further motivates me to say ‘I can also do it,’ and if I can do it, you can do it too!”

We are proud to have Veronica as a dedicated member of the Summer’s Fitness Fit Fab Women Online program! It’s empowering when women from across the globe support each other. Just check out this recent post from Veronica when she returned from a trip in Argentina:

If you are interested in becoming a Fit Fab Woman – locally in North Canton – or all ONLINE, click here to fill out this application to see if it’s a fit for you too!

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